When can we pick stuff?

We are closed for 2018! When we reopen in Spring of 2019,, you will need to register for a spot first. We use this system to make sure our guests have plenty to pick when they come out, and also to ensure they receive lots of personal attention from us.

Every week, we will assess the field capacity and drop a number of spots in the calendar. You can't book a spot more than a few days in advance, because we don't know how many people the field will bear more than a few days in advance. Spots for Saturday picks are released the Thursday before at 10am, and spots for Wednesday picks are released the Sunday before at 10am.

You may arrive at any point during your time slot and stay as long as you like. Please register for the number of people in your whole party, excluding babies under 1. 

If you can't seem to snag a spot, please email megan@purelandorganic.com and we will do our best to fit you in. 

What will be ready to pick? 

It will vary over the season! At the beginning, we will have greens, lettuces, radishes, beets, carrots, fresh onions, and green garlic. Moving into June, the thornless blackberries will start ripening, and by then we will also have green beans, zucchini and squash, cucumbers, tomatoes, and more. We anticipate the season ending around the end of July.

Sweet. How much does it cost? 

Depends on the crop! For every picker, there is a $2 entrance fee (counted as feet on the ground - there is no fee for babies). Blackberries are the highest cost at $7 per pound, big tomatoes and beets are $3 per pound, cherry tomatoes, carrots, okra, and sweet peppers are $4 per pound, hot peppers are $5 per pound, onions, squash, melons, and cucumbers are $2 per pound, garlic is $1.50 each. You may pick and purchase as much or as little as you wish.

So, how does it work?

When you arrive, you will get a bucket or basket from us in the Airstream and we'll talk about what's good for the pickin' that day and how to do it. Then you can head into the rows to make magical memories harvesting beautiful fresh produce with your family.

When you're done, come on back up to the Airstream, rinse your produce in the outside sink if you like, tag us in a sweet selfie with your haul of veggies, and we'll weigh the crops out to total you up. Also, yes: if you pick it, you bought it.

Do I have to bring cash, or do you take credit cards?

It's 2018, y'all! You bet we take credit cards! 

Awesome! What should I wear and bring? 

A hat and closed-toed shoes are ideal. We wear long sleeves and pants even in the summer, so bring sunscreen if you need it. While we did not have many chiggers last year, bug spray is also always a good idea. 

OMG, will there be bugs??

Totes! We do NOT use synthetic pesticides, so you are definitely gonna see a few bugs, many of which (whom?) are actually beneficial! Wanna learn all about it? Schedule a field trip!

What happens if I need to pee?

We have a wholly adequate Port-a-potty that is serviced weekly.

I can handle that. But what if it rains?

We will stay open for sprinkles, but not for thunder and lightning.