We are closed for 2019 and are not yet booking field trips for the 2020 season. Please check back during the winter of 2019.


Here at Pure Land, we feel strongly that education is one of our most important duties. As local farms and backyard gardens have grown scarce, young people in particular have become removed from the practice of growing food. We would love to help your students explore the wonders and challenges of a working fruit and vegetable farm.

All Field Trips are held in the spring, April and early May. 

K-12 Field Trips

  • Each grade level program is aligned with TEKS. Please click here for full details:

PLO Elementary TEKS Alignment and Program Guide

  • Cost is $10 per student, no fee for teachers or chaperones.

  • Field Trips generally last 1.5-2 hours.

  • Pure Land will supply water, shade tents, and activity-specific materials as detailed.

  • All grade level programs include a farm tour and overview or our growing practices, with specific lessons tailored to the TEKS at each grade level.

Visitors should bring:

  • Hats, closed-toed shoes, seasonally appropriate clothing, and sunscreen

  • Water bottles

  • Bag lunches, if desired

  • Rain ponchos, if rain is likely

  • Notebooks and pencils

Farm rules:

  1. Always follow your farmer’s instructions.  

  2. Do not wander ahead or away from the group.

  3. Do not trample or damage the plants.  

  4. Do not touch any tools unless instructed to by your farmer.

  5. Clean up after yourselves.

Booking and payment:

To plan your Field Trip, please email megan@purelandorganic.com.

Cancellation policy:

To cancel a Field Trip, you must notify Pure Land at least one week prior to the scheduled date. In case of severe weather, Field Trips can be rescheduled with no additional cost. However, Field Trips will not be automatically cancelled due to rain.

Homeschool Groups

For homeschool groups with a variety of ages, a program can be tailored to fit the needs of the whole group. Please contact us with the number of students attending and their age range so that we can create an appropriate program. In addition to the information supplied for K-12 Field Trips above, please note the following:

  • The minimum number of students for a field trip is 10.

  • The cost is $10 per student age 3 years and older, no fee for younger children and chaperones.