Pick-Your-Own Blackberries!

The next open day to pick your own blackberries is Thursday, June 8th! We will all one open either Saturday or Sunday, one or the other, depending on how picked out they are Thursday - I will let you know which day it will be on the Facebook page after picking Thursday. 

Our thornless organic blackberry plants are loaded up and ripening. Here are the all the details about coming to the farm to pick your own! 

This is our first year, so please bear with us as we figure it out. There are plenty of berries so we hope everyone has a chance to pick some, but we'll let you know when it's picked out and when we expect more to be ripe through our Facebook page. 

We will be open 9am to 12pm (noon). We're keeping hours limited to mornings because you may have noticed, it's getting pretty hot! Please bring your own hats, water, and bug spray.

The entrance fee is $3 per person, which we will ring up with your berries when you check out at the end. When you arrive, we'll give you a basket and teach you how to recognize a ripe berry (look for very dark, plump berries with a dull finish). You may sample a few as you pick, but please remember we're a small family business, and paying for what you eat keeps our doors open! Please only pick blackberries, our other crops aren't ready yet.

When you've picked what you'd like to buy, we'll weigh and package the berries for you to take home. You-pick berries will cost $6/lb, and if you pick it, you bought it, so don't pick more than you can use!

Please do not bring pets and and no smoking. We have a port-a-potty on site, but that is it for amenities except a few picnic tables! 

We are really looking forward to sharing this wonderful experience with you and your families! See you soon!! 


Megan NeubauerComment