Sun seekers

I blinked. Fall and winter passed quietly while we chipped away at projects, and my girl somehow blossomed into a sweet little mountain goat. Distractions abound, but it is almost spring, and that means only one thing: stop! Farmer Time.

Garlic and onions are already in (the garlic since October, actually) and looking lovely. More cool weather greens are nearly ready to transplant. Tomatoes, peppers, and herbs are stretching their leafy li'l arms up to the grow lights. We'll wait on starting squash, melon, and cucumber transplants another week or two. They get big fast. As much as I've savored every minute (ok, not the poop-filled minutes) of time with my little, I've missed being out on the dirt. Got a good feeling about this year... please don't start raining. I mean, rain a little. Sometimes. At regular intervals, would be nice. Definitely asking too much, I'll shut up.

It's been a very mild winter. We'll sow beets and carrots this week, prune peach trees next, then turn our attention to rehabbing our old tin barn and landscaping. Unfortunately, our building plans have been put on hold due to some good ol' fashioned American bureaucratic baloney, but we've decided to proceed without it. We've gotten by this long without a building, and have been to enough of them by now to know you can throw one hell of a party right out on the grass. I can't lie, we're disappointed. But wallowing is fruitless. It's a lesson gleaned right from the field; when the sun moves, you turn your leaves towards it.

Megan NeubauerComment