Changes, changes, everywhere

So! Summer happened. That was fast. 

With a very quick house sale, move out, house purchase, move in, veggies to plant/pick/keep alive/take to market/deliver around town, a death in the family, and the not-so-wee anymore Babyfarmer now just 3 months from making her debut, it's been a distressingly busy summer. Unseasonably cool until this week, yes, and that was probably critical to our survival. Cute Husband, Farmer Pop, City Mama, and the Golden Girls wore many hats and worked long weeks without breaks but at last, things are starting to slow down. 

Yes, our little family are McKinney's newest residents. And we're loving it! It's only been about a month, but it's obvious we're going to be very happy here, and just 10 minutes away from the farm to boot. Movin' to the country, people! Greeeeeeen acres is the place for me… Although with a 4,000 house development rapidly taking shape a stone's throw from the farm, it isn't going to be "country" for much longer.

Speaking of the farm, due to my ongoing embiggenment (and impending complete preoccupation, as I hear these "baby" people can be somewhat time-consuming), we're going to have a quiet fall and winter season. At this point, the plants put in at last frost are tired and picked out, the bugs are forming homeowners associations, and it's probably time for me to stop hoisting 30lb tubs of melons around town. There will still be food for a couple more weeks, though, so as always, just keep an eye on the Facebook page to see what's going on.

We'll hardly be resting, though - we have Big Construction Plans for the winter (including a building with walk-in cooler storage and a kitchen for jamming and pickling), and of course, I'll keep you up to speed on the action. We're ready to start inviting people to come enjoy our lovely little slice of green with us, whether to attend a cooking demo, wine tasting, yoga class, maybe a wedding?… We've more ideas than we know what to do with, but suggestions are always encouraged. What would you like to come over to the farm and do?

Big shout outs to our buddies at Patina Green Home and Market for winning Best Sandwich Shop and Green Grocer for Best Gourmet Shop in D Magazine's annual Best of Big D issue. Our thoughts are, "Duh". I also need to give a big thanks to the brave folks who signed up for our pilot share program, we plan to expand it significantly next year and your feedback has been invaluable. And of course, thank you to all our regulars and the fantastic staff at Coppell Farmers Market and White Rock Local Market. It's been a great season, and we couldn't have done it without you. Bring on the fall! 

Megan NeubauerComment