Checking in on Garlic

Let's take a peek and see what the garlic has been up to. The warmer weather has them putting on leaves like crazy. Remember, you learned all about how we grow our garlic in this post

Here were the California Early White softnecks at the end of January.

And here they are a few days ago, about six weeks later. Much much taller, and bushier!

photo 1.JPG

The California Late Whites, then:

And now, leafsplosion!

photo 3.JPG

And finally, all the heirloom hardnecks went from these goofy little squirrely things...

photo 3.JPG

To these proud, less goofy things. 

photo 2.JPG

Things are certainly a-changin' with this beautiful weather! Woohoo!

Megan NeubauerComment