Happenings of Late: March 13

Well, there's not a lot to see at the moment down on ye ole vegetable farm, which is why I haven't posted much. We're still recovering from that terrible freeze, although a lot more did survive than I initially expected. The 10-day forecast is looking awfully nice, but Mother Nature is a cruel mistress… don't trust her. She builds you up to break you down (cow). It'll probably freeze at least one more time before it's over for the year.

Here's the haps:

  • Farmer Pop has been plowing the winter cover crop up on the second terrace in preparation for summer crops. Yay! We had a giant pile of decaying wood chips and compost he spread everywhere that we'll pull into the beds. The babies will like that. 
  • We lost a bunch of our first set of tomatoes to some weird fungus in our potting mix. It had been sitting around a while. We chucked the rest of it and we'll just buy some transplants from a local nursery to make up the difference. Easy come, easy go. The second set of tomatoes and all the other babies look great. As I said to Pops, that's a mistake we'll only make once… unfortunately there are a couple hundred distinct possible mistakes at any given time, so even if you don't make the same one twice, there's always a new one nearby to rip your heart out. Now it's time to start working on tomato cages!
  • We planted another 700 heads of lettuce on Tuesday in an hour. Damn speedy! 
  • The early peach trees are budding out. As the blooms open we'll start losing sleep over the forecast… a frost will kill the blossoms, meaning no peachies for the entire year. It's the one thing you just can't fight, short of getting a helicopter to fly above them blowing the cool air away (seriously, people do this). I may lose just a little sleep in advance anyway.
  • White Rock Local Market comes back this Saturday!! We won't be selling, but we'll surely be shopping. It's starting out at the Lakeside location, 9150 Garland Road.
  • Our produce will be all over the menu at our pal Chef Robert's fancy pants dinner Saturday night at Patina Green Home and Market. They're one of our greatest supporters. As the weather gets nice this spring, take a Saturday to stroll the square in McKinney and get an amazing sandwich from them.
  • This baby goat and I are BFFs. It's pretty awesome and you should be jealous.