Chicken & Green Chile Soup at Green House Market

The only thing becoming more tiresome than this never-ending winter is the ubiquitous complaining about this never-ending winter. Let's find some things to wax happy about, shall we? All of our transplants are looking awesome, that's good. I had a great bowl of soup yesterday, too. Best of all, the 10-day forecast ends with several days in the 60s! Yes!!

But back to the soup. After a very cold, slow, slippery delivery yesterday morning, I had a quick errand to run at North Park Center, presenting the perfect opportunity to pop into Green House Market for lunch. 


And oh yeah, it was just what the doctor ordered: tender chunks of chicken and carrots in an intensely warming broth, one that clearly had never seen the inside of a can. I wouldn't call it spicy, exactly, but the green chile slowly sneaks up on you and builds heat. The bowl came with a couple wedges of lime which I strongly advise squeezing in there to brighten everything up. It just tasted homemade, which is the highest compliment I can give a soup. 

It's good stuff. Get you some while it's on the menu!