Tomatoes and herbs, 12 days old

To spite the snow currently coating the Metroplex, here's a quick update on those summer babies I started almost 2 weeks ago. The peppers and eggplants are a little slower than everybody else and only just starting to germinate, so there isn't much to see there. However, the tomatoes and herbs are flying right along!

These are scallions, you sow a big pinch of seeds per block and eventually you harvest them as a whole bunch. They're so cute I almost can't stand it.

photo 4.JPG

Below is the beginning of a big patch of one of my favorites, thyme.

photo 2.JPG

New this year, Purple Opal basil! I've also got Thai and Genovese, as before. 

photo 3.JPG

And, most exciting of all, the tomatoes are looking great. I'll thin them down to one plant per block after they get a little bigger. 

photo 1.JPG