Tomatoes get their big-boy pots

Sunday, Pops and I got out the Solo cups and potted on our tomatoes. It's a pretty simple process, won't you take a looksee?

photo 1.JPG

Our li'l teematers are all growns up *a single tear*. And they look great!

The first thing we do is prepare the potting medium, which we mix together from a bunch of good stuff like coir (made from coconut husks, a sustainable alternative to peat moss), compost, fertilizer, mycorrhizae, yadda. 

photo 2.jpg

Then we pop out the transplants. Where there are two plants in one soil block, we gently separate the roots in the block (well, we rip the block in half) and each plant gets their own cup. This happens because I sometimes sow two seeds in one block when they have a crappy germination history to raise the odds that I'll get at least one viable plant in the soil block.

Next we shake a little potting mix into the bottom of each (sterilized) cup and plop a transplant on top. Tomatoes do this magical thing of rooting out all along their stem; we like to take advantage of this by sinking the transplant deep in the pot and burying as much of the stem as we can, resulting in a stronger plant.

photo 3.JPG

All that's left to do is top them off with more potting mix, gently firm it in place, and water. Now, they're really going to take off. They'll double in size within the next two weeks. Yee haw! Spring is a-comin'!

photo 5.JPG

The warm spell has been a great shot in the arm for most of our crops. There's an inch of mizuna already grown in where I harvested it on Friday. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and with a few freezes in the forecast, we threw all the row cover back on. Ow. Docta says I need a backiotomy! 


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