Civilization strolls into town

Over the weekend, an offer we couldn't refuse fell into our collective lap and we pounced on it. We have officially purchased an RV! Note the rays of glory shining down upon it from the heavens:

photo 1.JPG

Technically it's a trailer as it doesn't have an engine, but I couldn't care less what's called. In my book, it is just one enormous peepot. A Tinkle Town. We finally have a bathroom!! No more stopping at the QT on my way out and carefully monitoring water intake all day! I CAN PEE RIGHT AT THE FARM. Yes, technically I could have before, but there is very little coverage out there (and even less in winter); there's an unimpeded view of Mrs. Gooch to the north, neighbor Tom (from whom we purchased the glorious peepot) to the south, fairly well-travelled County Road 201 to the east, and bare open land to the west. Not such a good Tinkle Town.

photo 3.JPG

Having the trailer will make our lives a lot easier, but ultimately it doesn't solve all our problems. We still need to build a structure on site into which we can install a walk-in cooler, have climate-controlled produce handling space, store seeds, move the new babies and their grow lights out of Farmer Pop's garage, etcetera. But dang if it isn't a good start! And it'll make doing the actual building of the building a lot easier on us, as we're planning to do most of the work ourselves. In the meantime, people can visit us now! My retired schoolteacher picker ladies will come out to help us again (I hope)! We can make coffee and soup and sandwiches and there's even an OVEN in this sucker so technically a pot roast too! Today was a good day.

photo 4.JPG

I didn't even know where to start in Target this morning grabbing supplies. Ham! Bread! Mayo! Lettuce (felt like a real schmuck for that one but ours aren't ready to be picked off yet)! Pickles and chips! Oh, yes. Then we had a perfectly civilized lunch at 4pm when we finally sat down. I have not made my inaugural tinkle yet, but I got a real good feeling about tomorrow. 

photo 2.JPG

Our next step is to get back down to the County Development Office and Fire Marshal to submit our "Site Plan," stating where we want the power poles and septic installed (mainly for the new building, but also for the RV in the meantime), yadda. Then we'll get an official street address, they'll permit us to begin construction, and we'll start swingin' hammers. Exciting! And we'll pee whenever we please, dammit! YEAH! 

photo 5.JPG

Any seasoned RV'ers out there have any advice for us? We've never owned one of these babies before. There are so many little nooks and cubbies! I WANNA MAKE SURE I USE IT RIGHT.