Our poor battered greenhouse

The wind down here has been pretty brutal the last couple weeks and our greenhouse has just about had it. We opened up as many flaps as possible to keep it from actually taking flight, which worked, but it's certainly looking worse for wear and in need of a little TLC. 

photo 5.JPG

Farmer Pop hopped up there to reclip the plastic covering in place. I watched and made my "Dad's-on-a-ladder-on-an-uneven-surface" face.

photo 3.jpg

I guess I didn't look distressed enough, so he upped the ante.

photo 1.jpg

Those dang clips just pop right off with a gust of wind, so they needed to be secured to the greenhouse frame with tek screws. Hence, "Dad's-on-the-top-rung-of-a-ladder-on-an-uneven-surface-and-now-drilling-things" face.

photo 4.jpg

But, of course, he got the job done and he's fine. That's one end repaired! The rest will have to wait until we get this planting finished.

photo 5.jpg